Podcast Avinash Kaushik on Web Analytics an Hour a Day

Avinash Kaushik shares his experience and great insights about web analytics in a podcast with Bryan Eisenberg
He started blogging and how he started with his book.
I specially like the Guy Kawasaki's advice he refers to “Eat like a bird and Poop like a elephant”, Indeed a great advice to follow.

He also speaks about how the book shaped up, and his decision to join Google as Web Analytics Evangelist.He also talks about how Web analytics is more business focussed.
Persuasion Architecture is also other aspect he speaks about and MUCH more.

To add to all the knowledge he provides all the procee

ds go to charity! so you have two reasons to buy the book now

Book details
and teh best part is all the proceeds go to charity
Is'nt that amazing?

Here's the Part Two of the Podcast with Avinash Kaushik.
The session covers
The importance of process in web analytics.
Avinash's 2 rules of Web Analysis.
How web analysts should spend their day.
His Trinity Process to web analytics.

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