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It’s been some time now i’ve been willing to write this, there are many who have reached out to me for resources, tutorials, help and documentation for omniture. There’s little written or blogged about on Omniture and it’s feature set.


s a list of blog posts and articles which’ll help you get started or know more about omniture implementation, reporting features.

Omniture SiteCatalyst Offical Blog: This Blog authored by Adam Greco is great to get started if your new to omniture. Here’s the topics he’s covered so far. This is one blog u “must” follow and refer back for some intrinsic details and also live examples he gives.

  1. Omniture SiteCatalyst Traffic Variables
  2. Omniture SiteCatalyst Success Events
  3. Omniture SiteCatalyst Conversion Variables – Part 1 & Part 2
  4. Omniture SiteCatalyst Traffic Data Correlations
  5. Omniture SiteCatalyst Conversion Variable Subrelations
  6. Omniture SiteCatalyst Classifications a.k.a SAINT
  7. Omniture SiteCatalyst Counter eVars
  8. Omniture SiteCatalyst Excel Client
  9. Omnitiure SiteCatalyst Campaign Tracking
  10. Omnitiure SiteCatalyst Pathing Analysis
  11. Omnitiure SiteCatalyst DataWarehouse
  12. Omnitiure SiteCatalyst Advanced Segment Insight (ASI)
  13. Omnitiure SiteCatalyst Segment Builder Best Practices
  14. Omnitiure SiteCatalyst Products Variable (s.products)

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From Web Analytics India Blog: These posts are from our blog, a mix of posts on best practices information and omniture feature sets.

  1. 7 Habits of highly effective Omniture User
  2. Omniture Alerts, The how and Why
  3. Omniture Targets and Bookmarks, The How and Why
  4. Omniture Summit 08 Day Three, Future Change Request
  5. Omniture Summit 08 Day Two
  6. Omniture SiteCatalyst Excel Client Update
  7. Power Strategies for Web Analyst Using Omniture SiteCatalyst

From Stephane Hamel Blog Immeria

  1. Practical Analytics: Incoming Traffic Quality
  2. Instances vs Visits in Omniture SiteCatalyst

From Faithful Web, Here’s Advanced Implementation Certification Examination Tips

  1. Omniture SiteCatalyst Advanced Implementation Day One
  2. Omniture SiteCatalyst Advanced Implementation Day Two
  3. Omniture SiteCatalyst Advanced Implementation Day Three
  4. Omniture SiteCatalyst Advanced Implementation Certification Examination Tips

From Wezside Omniture SiteCatalyst Flash Tracking

  1. Flash Tracking: What you should know
  2. Flash Tracking: Omniture In Depth

That’s for now all the great posts and articles available on omniture sitecatalyst. If you do know more posts or articles out there feel free to addon via comments.

13 thoughts on “Omniture SiteCatalyst Resources

  1. I have to agree. Adam’s contribution to new users just getting started with SiteCatalyst is fantastic. He helps to clarify things in such an easily understandable way that the manuals, whitepapers and other resources just can’t do.


  2. Nishant
    If it’s for Omniture Sitecatalyst User training i would suggest you to go thru the videos and guides which is available in the help section ( you need to have a login to omniture). It’s very extensive and pretty good.

    All the best

  3. Hey, can anyone tell me Omniture training institue in Delhi. i would like to start this as a fresher level.
    if you know the best then plz mail to


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  5. Hi,

    I am looking for the report by IP addresses. I found in the Site itself they dont provide a report by IP but surely they have this information in Raw format. Is there a way to get the visit report by IP address?


  6. Hi Anil ,
    This is a very useful article where you get everything on a same page .. great job done buddy ..!!!

    Harsh V Kabra

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