Web Analytics Posts Round up May 30

Ok here’s more reading for all you web analyst out there. Some great articles worth spending some time on.

Web Analytics Industry:

  1. Web Analytics in Awkward Phase; Forrester Asks Humiliating Questions About Its
    Changing Body
  2. Web Analytics – Who is Omniture’s Biggest Competitor (Phil Kimelor)


  1. Tracking Organic keyword by ranking
  2. Engineering Services Omniture: An article which’ll help you understand when you need to reach out for custom tracking or tweaks
  3. Video Reporting in Omniture
  4. Event Pathing – Omniture SiteCatalyst

Google Analytics

  1. Using Google Search suggest to monitor your brand and keywords
  2. Understanding Correlation in Google Anlayics
  3. Top Ten Myths About Google  Analytics
  4. Youtube Brand Channel Tracking via Google Anlaytics
  5. Tracking Social Networks in Google Anlaytics
  6. How to Create Twitter Profile in Google Analytics

Landing Page Optimization

Optimizing Website and Landing Page Copy


  1. Improve ROI with New Adwords interface
  2. 6 Tactics to Maximize your Adwords Investment
  3. Managing Keywords and Search Query Report


  1. Top 6 User testing mistakes and how to avoid them

Other Prominent Blog posts/Article

  1. Verified by Visa: A conversion rate killer
  2. Social Networking: A different kind of friendship
  3. KPI for small business
  4. 300+ Tips for Ecommerce Professionals

Here’s some video worth watching!

Useful Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for Small Businesses – Avinash Kaushik

Google Analytics Strategy:

Google Analytics features: Pivoting & Secondary Dimensions

Happy Reading!

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