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It’s been really sometime you saw some posts, i was away on a long vacation and had lot of catching up to do. Here’s some posts worth reading in the weekend. Some great posts and updates.

1.) Stephane Hamel Immeria.net: Stephane covers his Web Analytics Maturity model in this presentation. A great way to measure where your firm stands in terms of Web Analytics Maturity.

2.) ROI Revolution Blog: A must read article to understand the optimal usage of Google Analytics advanced segmentation for ecommerce sites
5 Advanced Segments for Ecommerce Analysis

Tracking Transactions back to initial referrer with Google Anlaytics

3.) Enhanced Search Query Reports: Adwords reporting update

The Search Query Performance report will show all queries that resulted in a click, where the user has not specifically blocked their referrer URL. In other words, this includes all queries that you would see in your server logs or if you use a tool like Google Analytics.  So you can now actually see the search term (clicked) report in your adwords.

Read more here

4.) Dennis Mortensen’s Visual Revenue Blog: One Blog i dont miss reading, check out the latest presentation worth every minute.

5.) Measuring Social Media Ads: Wondered where to start and what to measure for all your social media campaigns, here’s a great set of best practices and guide released by IAB.


IAB Article
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