Google Analytics Conversion University in India

GOOGLE ANALYTICS CONVERSION UNIVERSITY ga-conversion-university-web-analytics-india

After a successful Search masters event early this year, For the first time in India, Google is organizing Google Analytics conversion university event at its office in Gurgaon India.

Why and who should attend

Do you have anything to do with digital media or online marketing? Are you spending online? Are you responsible for Online Marketing ROI.  If yes then here’s a great event to understand how Google Analytics can help you with all your digital marketing needs.

The Agenda

The Agenda consists of presentations and insights from Google Analytics in house experts, In addition the first three Google Analytics Authorized Consultants in India would be presenting on various topic.

Jesse Nichols – Google, Mountain ViewGuest Speaker
Jesse Nichols works on the AdWords Agency Team and is a “Guru” in both Google Analytics & Google Website Optimizer. He has been involved in various forms of Direct Marketing (online and off) for the past 6 years, and for the past 2 years has been working to increase adoption and an in-depth understanding of Google Analytics among online marketers.
His current role is split between managing relationships with prominent Online Marketing Agencies (Search & Digital) and connecting Agencies and Google Analytics through partner program. Jesse has a degree in Philosophy from the University of Michigan, and dabbles in photography and stand-up comedy.
Here’s an overview of the Sessions Agenda

  • Introduction to Google Analytics
  • Introduction to Partner Program and Google Analytics IQ
  • Guest Speakers
    • Vivek Bhargava – Communicate2 -  Integrating with Google Analytics
    • Carl D’Souza – Interactive Avenues -  Google Analytics Enterprise Ready
    • Ravi Pathak – Tatvic – Conversion with Google Analytics
  • Connecting the Dots: How Web Analytics Allows for smarter Business Decision
  • Google Website Optimizer
  • Webmaster Tools
  • Panel Discussion

How to Register:

You can register HERE

Note: The Registration is limited, the registration will be confirmed by Google a week before the event.


Google India Pvt Ltd
8th and 9th Floors
Tower C Building No.8
DLF Cyber City
Gurgaon India

This is indeed a great step for web analytics enthusiast and web analytics in general in India. So will you be there ? Drop in a comment.

11 thoughts on “Google Analytics Conversion University in India

  1. Hi Anil,

    Was expecting this posts from you.

    I have already registered and trying to convience my HR for travel sponsorship.
    Hope to see you all there!


  2. Hey Chaitanya!
    Yes it’s a great event! you dont want to miss the First ever event!
    Hope to see you there!

  3. hi Anil

    i have registered and got confirmation call also for the seminar but sir i forgot to ask about timing so plz tell me the arrival timings so that i could reach on time.

    -Mohit Kulshrestha

  4. Thanks for the publicity! much appreciated..

    However, a couple of details need to be edited… I’ll be presenting on ‘Google Analytics Enterprise Ready’, while Vivek will be talking about ‘Integrating with Google Analytics’ ..
    ..also the link to the IA website seems broken.



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